When does the programm of the summer school start - Sunday or Monday?

The programm starts on Monday (26. August 2019). Sunday is only the day of arrival to Jena.

Do you have any recommendations for nearby accommodations in Jena for the duration of the program?

Please see venue.

Will lunches be provided during our stay in Jena, or is there a mensa on campus that students can go to? Will we need to provide international student identification?

A catering service will also serve little snacks (finger food) during the coffee breaks. Lunch is not included but there is a Mensa not far away from the building where the summer school is hosted. It cannot hurt to bring an international student idenfication though I am not sure if it will be accepted for a student discount. Still, the prices at the Mensa are rather moderate.

When will you need the additional information for the funding?

Since you will receive the travel stipend and the flat-rate allowance only after having successfully participated in the summer school, we will request and collect all the required documents from you during the summer school.

I was considering also searching on Airbnb. In that case, would a typical Airbnb confirmation from my account be enough as a receipt?

An Airbnb confirmation is usually accepted by our finance department.

What kind of proof of student status at an academic institution is required. Is an inscription in the doctoral program from my home university enough? Or is an official translation into English or German necessary?

Please bring along a certificate of enrolment/matriculation. If a German or English version is available, we would prefer this version but a translation is not required. Aside from the certificate you will have to sign a document in Jena which will confirm that you are an enrolled Bachelor/Master/PhD student at your home university.

Is an IBAN account necessary or are other bank accounts accepted?

A SWIFT Code is also accepted.

Do I have to travel from and back to my home town to receive the travel stipend?

No, this is not necessary. But please note that you will not receive the travel funding if another institution or grant is already paying for your trip to Jena. Therefore, you will have to sign a document in Jena certifying that you have not received any other funding for your travel to Jena.

Can I come to Germany before the summer school starts and stay for a while after the summer school has ended, and still receive the travel stipend?

You can do that as long as your journey starts after 1. January 2019 and ends before 31. December 2019. But again, you will have to confirm that you have not received any other funding for your travel expenses to and from Jena.